A copy of the first volume featuring the otherworldly fantastical sketchwork of Anthony Scott Waters. 


    Here is Anthony to tell you more:


    I'm Anthony Waters, a freelance concept artist and illustrator with more than two decades of experience working in the gaming industry. If you enjoy getting a glimpse under the hood of your favorite games, the concept art that helped them come to be, or are curious about the ideas thought processes behind finished works of art, this book is for you!


    I'll take you on a behind-the-scenes tour through the catalog of concept art I created in my first year working as a visual development artist for the collectable trading card game Magic: the Gathering, much of it printed for the very first time. You'll also get an exclusive look at the content I created for Ringmaker, a fantasy novel by Helen Sanders, including breakdowns of the book’s illustrations. As a bonus, I give you a window into my life as a freelance artist, sharing some of the things I’ve learned through years of successes and mistakes. I look forward to sharing this unique look inside an artist's mind with you!


    Book Details:

    • 120 pages
    • Hardcover binding
    • First Edition is limited to 1000 copies.

    The Worlds Beyond:Volume One