An intrepid group of creatives decided to go on an adventure (and some misadventures!) together in the hinterlands of Botswana. With creatives from such diverse backgrounds coming along for the trip of a lifetime, we decided it would be fun to make an art book in the style of old travel journals made by naturalists and adventurers of yesteryear. We also thought maybe someone out there would enjoy seeing the stories, photos and paintings we would bring back with us. For many of us this was a lifelong dream and a place ripe with the promise of creative inspiration. So we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the book. Much to our surprise there was an enormous outpouring of support from our collective fans and even some people that happen chanced upon our Kickstarter through the community! We were shocked, amazed and more than a little humbled and thanks to the crowdfunding campaign not only could we set out to make a book, it was a book much bigger in scope and vision than we had first even dreamed of! For those that happened to miss out on the original Kickstarter campaign, we decided to order some extras! This stock of books is limited to this run and while not impossible, it is unlikely we will be doing a second run of this book due to the prohibitive cost of printing.


Join us for the stories of daring adventure and unfortunate misadventure with brilliant on location photos, fun caricature spotlights, and countless sketches, tutorials, and full color paintings inspired by our trek in one of Africa's last remaining pristine wildlands. We are so very happy you can share these cherished memories with us!


AS TOLD BY: Laura Garabedian, Edwin and Jenine Herrell, Amber Hill, Chelsea Howe, Anastasia Korochansckaja, Karen Lambey, Kevin Sonney, Ursula Vernon, Roman Zenka and Foxfeather Zenkova


BOOK DETAILS: 121 pages Perfect bind softcover Full color matte interior Gloss cover Limited number of books in print and unlikely to be reprinted Happy to sign the book by request! SHIPPING DETAILS: All books ordered shipped within the USA will be shipped with USPS Priority flat rate mail. Includes free tracking and for domestic orders, 50$ insurance. With the size and weight of the book this is the best value for shipping the book domestically. For domestic orders, If you would like to purchase one additional book as a gift, it will ship FREE. (Only two books will fit per flat rate envelope, if you are interested in more than two, please email me directly at for a shipping quote!)

Creative Sojourn Volume 1